August… already!

It’s probably my busiest month… lots of things to celebrate, fresh air to breathe in and memories to make and fondly remember.

August came in hot… and humid. The A/C has been running 24/7 for the last week or more. On top of the high heat we’ve experienced some pretty strong storms. Downpours, thunder, lightning and flash flooding. It’s messed with some plans, but nothing 24 hours couldn’t fix.

A postponed party on Saturday afternoon led to a night of margaritas and Mexican food with my two bffs followed by a Sunday of mimosas and bbq to celebrate two adorable little boys. Not a bad weekend at all.

I got some fun happy mail this week too. A couple of enamel pins from Papa Llama brightened my week. The functional introverts pin matches my favorite tote! I’m really pleased with this Etsy purchase… one of the better ones, I’d say.

So far, so good in August. Lots more to come!


Pleasantly surprised…

that I actually liked this…

The beergarita. Who knew?
How do I make a beergarita?…. you may ask.
Super easy…

In a large pitcher add the following:
1 – can frozen limeade concentrate (we used minute maid)
1 – cup of your favorite tequila (we used josé cuervo gold)
5 – 12-oz light beers (we used corona light)
Gently stir it up and pour it into salt rimmed glasses filled with ice.
Toss a slice of lime in there and you’re good to go.
Good stuff!

Give it a try!