This week though…

This was a very, very long week. Not quite sure why, but I do know it wasn’t just me. Every night that I left the office and rode the elevator down with people confirmed it… comments about how long the week is, how long the days are etc. were echoed by all. I’m sure the weather had something to do with it, but seriously… it was a hella long week.

I’ve felt lousy for a couple of days… feverish, body aches and a killer headache. I know I’m overtired but there’s something else going on. In my typical libra fashion… I try to self diagnose. I, in no way, shape or form, have any business trying to figure out anything medical, so I popped a couple of Tylenol and got on with it.

Today I went to have my yearly mammogram. First time in my life my mom didn’t accompany me. I was surprisingly fine… until I got back in the car. You see, not only did my mom and I do pretty much everything like this together but my appointment was in the same building where my mom had her chemo treatments.

Photo credit: Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center

The last time I was in that building was April 18th… the day before she died. It’s truly an amazing facility filled with the most genuine, gifted and caring healthcare professionals. I had a little chat with my mom when I got back in the car, wiped my tears and headed on my way.

Photo credit:

I had brunch with one of mom’s closest friends at one of mom’s favorite places. I met yet another person who knew my mom and offered their condolences… which almost always makes me feel like I’m gonna lose it and start bawling right on the spot… but I held it together and had a lovely visit with a wonderful friend and her beautiful grandson.

I ran some errands and made it home between downpours. Chilled out for a bit and got a nice surprise when the mail came. Perfectly timed happy mail. I couldn’t have planned it better. Nothing earth shatteringly exciting, but it made my little planner nerd heart skip a beat.

Perfect way to end this crazy long week.



So much construction in such a short time! By far the best contractor I’ve worked with on any corporate project. Fast, efficient, good work and these guys are personable to boot! I would highly recommend them for anything. If you’re in the market for a contractor, let me know. Happy to share!

Construction is progressing and I’m super excited to see the finished project. The before pictures were a little late so furniture was already moved out, but it’s still before.

And just 3 days later…

And currently…

So fast! Demo and framing already done. Now we get the tel/data team in to place all the ports and then drywall goes up, the glass goes in and the paint goes on the walls! Never would have thought I’d be so excited about construction. Ever. So much still to do but it’s coming together.

It Begins Today

floor plan on table
Photo by on

I’ve taken on a big project at work and all the planning is finally going to manifest into physical change! Construction on our 6th Floor office space breaks ground today. I’ve worked really hard to make thoughtful changes to our space. I’m super excited to see it come together. I’ve done so much work to make this buildout the best thing for our employees and for the business.

I haven’t taken the ‘before’ pictures yet so I hope I can get them before demo starts, but I’ll take them even if it has begun.

Stay tuned.

So excited!

New Neighbors

It looks like I’ll be getting some new neighbors in my work world. BostInno published this article yesterday with the just announced permanent location of GE’s Boston HQ. The photo below highlights the area GE will call home.Screen-Shot-2016-03-25-at-9.44.18-AM-936x360-3

And here’s a closer look at GE’s new HQ…GE New

It’s going to be HUGE. A 2.5-acre campus right on Fort Point Channel.

It completely encompasses the open parking lot outside my building along with the two vacant buildings next to the parking garage. It’s crazy big.

I’m excited to watch the process, but leery that my commute and parking situation is going to be impacted. The garage is nearly full now and it’s certainly not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe they’ll add parking for their employees… maybe not.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to BostInno and Google for the images.