Is this for real?

I’ve been a member of Influenster for several years now. I used to be much more active in their community but, as time went on, I lost interest. I recently started amping up my activity and was subsequently chosen to receive a sample of a new Perricone MD product to test out and review. Cool. Free skincare is my jam!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and this little cutie shows up on my doorstep.

One little 1oz bottle of serum that’s supposed to diminish my wrinkles (dare to dream!) and generally be a piece in the ‘fountain of youth’ puzzle. First thing I did was snap this pic. Then I opened the bottle and, as is my norm, smelled it and put a teeny drop on the back of my hand. First impressions… smells nice; not too perfumey; felt silky on my skin; absorbed really fast.

Tonight I decided to start the test for real. Now, the writing on the bottle is so small that there’s no way I could read it without a magnifying glass, so I went to Sephora’s app and found the product myself. Always easier to read directions on my iPad anyway. Before I could find the ‘how to use’ section I was stopped dead in my tracks.

That can’t be right. Can it? $179.00 for one ounce of this stuff? ONE OUNCE?! The only difference between the one they’re selling online and the one I received is that the one I got in the mail didn’t have an eye dropper. That’s it!

I washed my face and carefully put some of this magical potion on my skin. Smooth. Silky. Absorbent. Check, check and check. I can’t wait to check this out for a couple of weeks and see if I notice any kind of difference at all. Fingers crossed… $179.00. I still can’t get past the price!

Stay tuned…


Tuesday got me like… ugh.

I woke up today. That’s a tick in the plus column.

Got out of the house on time and made it to the dintist early. Two more boxes ticked!

Picked up Starbucks for my faves and lunch for five of us on my way in to the office. I’m on a roll!

Queue the dead stop…

It’s hazy, hot and humid. My office is on the 6th floor. All three (yes, THREE) building elevators are down. Down as in inoperable… broken… trying to kill me.

Me with my handbag that I affectionately refer to as luggage, my full work tote, two bags of groceries/lunch and a full tray of venti coffees and water; staring at these stairs like something is going to change. It didn’t.

It was a grueling climb up to the 6th floor. The only upside was that since I brought lunch I wouldn’t have to leave and neither would a few of my friends. Sometimes I have the good sense to follow my intuition. I’m thankful that today was one of those days.

End of the day… eight hours later… lifts are fixed, right? Umm… no. Building management emails and lets us know that the mechanics are on site and will stay until the elevators are fixed. Or… not. Another email when I got home let me know the elevators will NOT be working tomorrow either. For real? Really. For real!

I wonder if the cafe is going to be crowded… because that’s where I’ll be until those suckers are fixed!

Heck yeah!

There’s a new (well, new to me anyway) shop in Natick Center that I’ve been anxious to visit. It’s called Calliope Paperie. Some of the girls in my planner group have posted photos of their visits to this little slice of stationary heaven and I gotta say… it was love at first sight. Kristina Burkey’s Instagram game is spot on. The photos of her shop and the products she so lovingly procures are gorgeous. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get up to Natick and take in all that is Calliope Paperie.

Today was that day.

I set the address in Waze, had my mum in the passenger seat and off we went. I’ll be honest, it’s not close for me… but I had it in my head (and in my planner, let’s be real) that this was happening today. So we found our way to Natick center and this beautiful little piece of stationary heaven.

It was pretty easy to find. The shop name plastered on the side of the building is genius. We parked on the street directly across from the shop, crossed the street and boom…we’re in! Kristina is awesome (check out her blog!) She’s friendly, helpful and genuinely loves what she does within her shop and on Sundays at the South End Open Market (formerly SOWA). She’s so driven and her love for all things stationary / paper / crafty is just a dream come true for those of us who share that love.

I bought so much amazing stuff! Cards, cards and more cards! Some stickers, pens, washi a couple of pressies and a tote I’m completely loving. Just check out this washi…


So to sum up, here’s what you need to do…

  • plan a visit to Calliope Paperie
  • check out this Wicked Local article
  • drool over Kristina’s Instagram
  • browse all the beautiful goods here
  • stop by Kristina’s pop-up shop at the South End Open Market
  • support an amazing local business!

Trust me… you’re gonna love it!


Oh right… I have a blog

I will admit… I pretty much forgot about this blog until just a few minutes ago when a woman who works in my building mentioned her daughter’s desire to start a blog. She asked me if I had any recommendations and the lightbulb went off in my head… oh right… I have a blog! How sad is that?


I won’t bore you with the details that, quite frankly, I can barely remember myself.

So it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Half the building left around 4pm to go get their fill of green beer. This is a bandwagon I’ve never jumped on. I know it’s only food coloring, but the thought of drinking something… anything green (including those “healthy” green juices) is something I just can’t get past. Have I tried? Yup. And I have yet to find a green beverage that I can palate. But I digress…

My oven in disassembled in my kitchen so no corned beef and cabbage at the homestead tonight. That will have to wait until Sunday dinner. So it’s either pb&j or takeout. I’m leaning towards takeout.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Back at it

Every year I have the best of intentions with regard to this poor little blog. 2015 is no exception.

In retrospect, 2014 was a bit of a roller coaster for me. There were as many high points as low.

There were swells of creativity and lulls where I couldn’t manage to put a speck of color on a page or canvas. One constant throughout the year?… lots of new products to use and new projects to embark on.

One I’m really looking forward to is utilizing my beloved Filofax. I’ve used the same personal sized Filofax for years and actually have a few of them. Two in particular that I’ll be getting what I hope will be a lot of use out of are my tried and true baby blue leather cross stitched and my navy and chartreuse Apex planners.


Both are the personal size to I could conceivably pop one or both of them in my bag, and that’s actually part of the plan. I will likely keep the Cross for my day-to-day Filofaxing (yes, it’s a real thing!) and the Apex will be my creative go-to for ideas, swatches, inventory lists, wants and needs.

Thankfully I’m not alone in the Filofaxing endeavor. My friend Jean (check her out on Instagram… @onegirlouta6) is as knee-deep in it as I am. There are dashboards, dividers and quotes to be made and displayed. It’s really great to have someone as paper crazy as I am to bounce ideas off and validate the purchase of a pen that writes on washi tape, plastic and glass. She’s gets it, and I love her for that… and our shared love of Trader Joe’s pomegranate limeade and coconut rum, spicy shrimp sushi and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese! [Side note: If you haven’t had a Green Monstah from Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, make it a point to find their food truck and indulge. You won’t be sorry!]


I’ve also bitten the bullet and subscribed to Studio Calico’s Project Life kits. I’m hoping that, since this system is supposed to be simple and easy, I’ll actually take more photos and get them in my beautiful new wood grain fabric handbook.

Isn’t it so pretty?!


Studio Calico Wood Grain Handbook

Time to change things up…

Obviously I’m not great at keeping up with my poor little blog. Time to change things up a little bit.

I’m going to try to blog more about my artsy journey. Currently this journey is taking me down “the documented life” path. My little moleskin planner is getting all chunky being filled with paper, paint and washi tape and that’s just the way I want it.

Here are a few pictures to get the ball rolling…






hello there 2014!

Well… here we are again. Another year gone and a new one underway.

Mother Nature made sure to start this one with a bang… more than 15″ of snow in less than 36 hours. Gave me a whopping 4 hours in the office on the first day back to work and a work-from-home day the second! Crazy! Hopefully she got that blizzard nonsense out of her system. I wouldn’t mind not having to go through another snow storm this season, but we all know that’s highly unlikely. Hey, a girl can dream! This was the view from my living room window Friday morning…

Yip… I’m all set.

I can’t even explain what this weather is doing to my skin. So, so dry! I’ve slathered on every serum and cream in my stash, but it hasn’t helped. Time to do some serious research. Help me, YouTube! Suggestions are welcome… what works for you?