Cooking up a storm

An awful lot has changed since my mom passed away in April. It’s been the longest and most heart wrenching three months of my life.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in a short amount of time. I’ve found strength I didn’t know I had. I’ve grown even closer to my dad and for that I am so thankful.

I’ve also stepped up my cooking skills. I’m trying to meal plan but I’m not great at it yet. I downloaded Mealime and found some great, easy and tasty recipes that I’ve been able to whip up for dad and my dinner. I need to get better (a LOT better) at the whole food prep thing. Serving dinner at 8pm isn’t good for either of us.

But… those meals have been worth the wait. I’m pretty happy with myself in executing these new recipes well enough to get yummy noises from my dad… who equates “it’s fine” for what anyone else would call “delicious”.

I’ve asked him… same thing! So funny.

Here’s the top five… so far:

Korean short ribs, dumplings, rice and stir fried veggies

Kickin’ Arse in the Kitchen

I’ve always liked to cook and loved to bake. My mum was an amazing cook. Since she passed I’ve had to step up and come up with meals for me and dad. I’ve got breakfast in the bag… no worries there. Lunches have been mostly sandwiches or salads.

Dinners are the tough ones. Especially on weeknights. I don’t get home from work until at least 6pm and there are nights when my dad has meetings at the club and needs to be there by 7pm. Those are the tough ones that tend to fall to take-out, which I hate.

I’ve got some go-to dishes… mom’s tried and trues… and I’ve got a couple of new additions that have gotten me a thumbs up from dad which I don’t mind saying is no small feat. My chicken parm is on point!

Last night I whipped up Korean short ribs with sticky rice, stir fried veggies and some pan fried & steamed dumplings (which I bought… not gonna lie). Our neighbor was kind enough to give us zucchini from her garden. I whipped out the mandolin and sliced one up along with fresh green cabbage, baby book chop and some snap peas. Tossed them in a hot skillet with some sesame oil, salt and pepper and boom! delicious veggies! I pan fried most of the dumplings in the sesame oil too… the rest were steamed because I’m completely indecisive.

Dinner 🥩🍚🥟