Today is my first “summer Friday” of the 2019 summer season. Not only do I get out of work at noon today but I get to work from home, too! It’s always nice to not have to fight the traffic on a Friday afternoon. Southbound traffic is always, ALWAYS miserable after Memorial Day. The Cape Cod traffic ramps up and makes every southbound local’s commute a bit of a nightmare. Mine is just around 8 miles and can take almost an hour on a summer Friday afternoon. That makes the ‘wfh’ aspect of a summer Friday such a massive bonus.

Today’s post-work plan is to grab lunch with a friend and then treat ourselves to a mani/pedi at a new (to us) salon.

I don’t know why finding the perfect nail salon is so difficult. It’s akin to the search for the perfect pair of jeans… constant and ridiculously elusive. If I could do even half as good a job as the nail techs do I would just do it myself, but I cannot even remotely come close to doing what they do.

I’m sure these plans will go off the rails, as the best laid plans often do, but I’m just going to go with the flow. One thing I’ve really tried to learn in the time since my mum passed is to just go with it. Life is short and most of it is out of anyone’s control. To quote the late great Doris Day…Que será, será!