Is this for real?

I’ve been a member of Influenster for several years now. I used to be much more active in their community but, as time went on, I lost interest. I recently started amping up my activity and was subsequently chosen to receive a sample of a new Perricone MD product to test out and review. Cool. Free skincare is my jam!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and this little cutie shows up on my doorstep.

One little 1oz bottle of serum that’s supposed to diminish my wrinkles (dare to dream!) and generally be a piece in the ‘fountain of youth’ puzzle. First thing I did was snap this pic. Then I opened the bottle and, as is my norm, smelled it and put a teeny drop on the back of my hand. First impressions… smells nice; not too perfumey; felt silky on my skin; absorbed really fast.

Tonight I decided to start the test for real. Now, the writing on the bottle is so small that there’s no way I could read it without a magnifying glass, so I went to Sephora’s app and found the product myself. Always easier to read directions on my iPad anyway. Before I could find the ‘how to use’ section I was stopped dead in my tracks.

That can’t be right. Can it? $179.00 for one ounce of this stuff? ONE OUNCE?! The only difference between the one they’re selling online and the one I received is that the one I got in the mail didn’t have an eye dropper. That’s it!

I washed my face and carefully put some of this magical potion on my skin. Smooth. Silky. Absorbent. Check, check and check. I can’t wait to check this out for a couple of weeks and see if I notice any kind of difference at all. Fingers crossed… $179.00. I still can’t get past the price!

Stay tuned…


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