Heck yeah!

There’s a new (well, new to me anyway) shop in Natick Center that I’ve been anxious to visit. It’s called Calliope Paperie. Some of the girls in my planner group have posted photos of their visits to this little slice of stationary heaven and I gotta say… it was love at first sight. Kristina Burkey’s Instagram game is spot on. The photos of her shop and the products she so lovingly procures are gorgeous. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get up to Natick and take in all that is Calliope Paperie.

Today was that day.

I set the address in Waze, had my mum in the passenger seat and off we went. I’ll be honest, it’s not close for me… but I had it in my head (and in my planner, let’s be real) that this was happening today. So we found our way to Natick center and this beautiful little piece of stationary heaven.

It was pretty easy to find. The shop name plastered on the side of the building is genius. We parked on the street directly across from the shop, crossed the street and boom…we’re in! Kristina is awesome (check out her blog!) She’s friendly, helpful and genuinely loves what she does within her shop and on Sundays at the South End Open Market (formerly SOWA). She’s so driven and her love for all things stationary / paper / crafty is just a dream come true for those of us who share that love.

I bought so much amazing stuff! Cards, cards and more cards! Some stickers, pens, washi a couple of pressies and a tote I’m completely loving. Just check out this washi…


So to sum up, here’s what you need to do…

  • plan a visit to Calliope Paperie
  • check out this Wicked Local article
  • drool over Kristina’s Instagram
  • browse all the beautiful goods here
  • stop by Kristina’s pop-up shop at the South End Open Market
  • support an amazing local business!

Trust me… you’re gonna love it!