The unofficial end of summer

I’m not a summer girl. I’m much more partial to cooler seasons… in particular, fall.  

I’m on vacation this week and being on vacation (or should I say “stay-cation”) for the unofficial last week of summer is a celebratory thing for me. Last week was pretty much perfect for me. Temps in the mid to high 70’s and cool bordering-on-cold nights do my soul good. I love it.  

It’s going to be a busy week. I have a couple of appointments and some other plans to keep me out of trouble, but I expect to get some fun tidbits in there too.  

A trip to B&N should do the trick. I need to wrap my head around the phenomenon that is social media as it relates to business. #socialmedia is not as simple as it seems and this chick needs to know more! Another area I’d like to master in the social media world… banners. I’ll admit, my photoshop skills are pretty decent for a non-professional but I’m definitely not up to par in the creation of banners and I really want to get that one under my belt. 

Until I can get to my local purveyor of literary greatness, some light reading will have to suffice…


These things must weigh a good 7lbs or more! Vogue alone tops out at 856 pages… WHAT?! And yes, I will go through them page by page. Will I read every article? Nope. Will I spend way too much time detailing every advert? Yup. It’s what I do and it’s what I enjoy and it gets my creative juices flowing. Hoping the goodies under these perfectly prepped covers spark some creative inspiration!