hello there 2014!

Well… here we are again. Another year gone and a new one underway.

Mother Nature made sure to start this one with a bang… more than 15″ of snow in less than 36 hours. Gave me a whopping 4 hours in the office on the first day back to work and a work-from-home day the second! Crazy! Hopefully she got that blizzard nonsense out of her system. I wouldn’t mind not having to go through another snow storm this season, but we all know that’s highly unlikely. Hey, a girl can dream! This was the view from my living room window Friday morning…

Yip… I’m all set.

I can’t even explain what this weather is doing to my skin. So, so dry! I’ve slathered on every serum and cream in my stash, but it hasn’t helped. Time to do some serious research. Help me, YouTube! Suggestions are welcome… what works for you?