It’s happened again… Two months, no blogging

First things first… Happy 8th Birthday Zoey!

I can’t believe I’ve had this sweet little pup for 8 years. I’m so very lucky to have her. I’m thinking Miss Zoey gets herself some chicken for dinner tonight!

In my defense, I have been working (albeit temp-to-perm) a ton of hours and since I’ve added an hour on either end of my commute the only thing I want todo when I get home is eat dinner and watch mindless television shows.

And then there’s French class. I am having such a hard time this semester. I don’t know if its because I’m working and therefore don’t have the time to study like I did for my 101 and 102 classes, or if its because I’m just not in sync with this new professor. Whatever it is, I’m not giving up. I will pass this class!

I even got a bit of creative inspiration from the fabulous Nancy Kisiel! Her art journal is ah-mazing! During blizzard #2 I decided to bread out my plethora of art supplies and get to creating. It felt so good to get my hands inky and to make a big mess. The first spread in my art journal is a direct inspiration/imitation of Nancy’s beautiful spread. It doesn’t do hers justice, but it gives me inspiration to continue making these artistic and crafty messes.