Let It Snow

With much hyped television coverage, I anticipated waking up to at least shin-deep snow this morning. Alas, Mother Nature had other plans. A whopping 2″ of snow is all we got.

Usually this would please me to no end but since I don’t have to be back at work until Wednesday, I’m a bit disappointed with the outcome. My dogs, on the other hand, are thrilled with the sticky white stuff under their paws. Zoey and Lola bound through the backyard like they’re puppies (they will be 8 years old in just a couple months.)

Even when she’s inside, Zoey is glued to the window monitoring the snowfall in her yard.
She is sooo cute!

Thanks for the snow, Mother Nature.
You’ve made my pups very happy… and happy puppies make me happy 🙂

Merry Christmas

All the build-up. All the shopping. All the holiday music non-stop on the radio, in stores, even in office common areas. All the gift wrapping. All the food. All the parties. All the bills. All the thoughtful decisions. All the cards sent and received.

All of these things culminated in a beautifully peaceful, heartwarming and downright happy day. And to top it off… we woke up to a white Christmas! First real snowfall of the season. Talk about perfect timing. I just love when things fall into place.

This angel has been the only tree topper I’ve ever really known. It’s very 1970’s and to me it’s perfect. She’s become fragile with age, but she’s still beautiful and very loved. There has been talk over the years about getting a new tree topper, but inevitably one (or more likely all) of us voices discomfort and she get placed atop our tree with love.

That feeling… the comfortable, happy wash that comes with our sweet old angel tree topper… that has been the feeling in my humble abode from the moment I opened my eyes today. I’m so thankful and feeling so very blessed.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

O… M… G…


This stuff is like crack for a sweet tooth!
Chocolate sea salt caramels.
Oh Crate & Barrel… how you tempt me!
I picked up a box of these last week while shopping for an ornament swap. Ummm… yeh… I can’t even remember what ornaments I bought, but these little beauties?… my family is obsessed with them!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth do yourself a favor and pick up a tin of these before they sell out. You will not be disappointed!