Such a baaaaad blogger!

I have good intentions…  I want to blog more, but life gets in the way!  I am going to really try to make a concerted effort to do better.  No promises other than that I will try to do better.  Better blog posts… better photos in those posts… better management of my time… all that good stuff.


That said… I really have been busy.  I had Molly (that adorable little puppy) in my care for a couple of weeks.  Can’t say my dogs weren’t super excited to see her go home because they both seemed so relieved when they saw her harness and leash go on in preparation of her mom’s arrival.  So funny. 


I’ve been job hunting like crazy.  No luck yet, but I’m confident I will find the right job for me; It’s just a question of when!  A friend gave me a mantra to help along the way… “I have perfect work in a perfect way; I give perfect service for a perfect pay.” I’m repeating it over and over whenever I can in hopes that the employment Gods will hear and point me in the right direction.  You never know.


I’ve also been caring for my mum as she recuperates from yet another surgery.  This woman has had more than her fair share of crap.  She’s been doing well, but seems to have stumbled upon a little bit of a setback in the last week.  A call went in to the surgeon on Friday, but we never got a call back.  I’m less than displeased.  I will be calling first thing Monday morning, and if I don’t hear back within 2 hours I will be calling mum’s PCP instead.  Post-surgery complications aren’t exactly situations that can be brushed aside, in my opinion. 


On a happier note, I got an email from one of my favorite people with an invitation to join her and a few other wonderful women for a day of crafty fun!  I haven’t allotted myself any time to be creative in the past few months and am really looking forward to spending some time with these creative chicks.  I’m hoping that their creativity will re-spark mine!


This is an old photo (2010) of me and the hostess-with-the-mostest… Ms. Jenn!  I adore her!

deb and jenn 2010