Puppy Love

I have two dogs.  A Cairn Terrier (Zoey) and a Cockapoo (Lola) who are both seven years old with birthdays only two weeks apart.  I have had them each since they were seven weeks old.  They are such great dogs.  They give me more joy and unconditional love than any person could hope for.  I’m so blessed. 


Last night started a two-week stint of puppysitting for a friend’s sweet little Cairn Terrier/Yorkie mix.  Her name is Molly and she is the sweetest little thing.  She’s the most affectionate little dog I’ve ever met, and probably the smallest.  She’s probably 5 lbs soaking wet.  And she’s also absolutely adorable.

Little Miss Molly

That said… I forgot how tough it is to have a puppy around.  I completely take it for granted that my dogs happily go into their crates on command and stay there quietly and are perfectly happy until they are let out.  Molly, on the other hand, does not like the crate at all.  She makes no bones about telling me so either.  She cries and whimpers then entire time.  Advil has become a very good friend of mine today.

Last night I had to put the crate not only up in my bedroom (my dogs’ crates are downstairs in my den) but ON my dresser so she could see me.  It’s the only way she would calm down and sleep.  Today… I’m tired. 

I’m hoping that by the end of these two weeks, I can get her into the crate without a fight and the hysterical whining and crying that accompany it.  I’m not holding my breath because I know that when she goes home, the idea of a crate will be out the window.

I’d also like to teach her a trick or two to surprise her mum.  She sits on command, but I’d like to teach her to give her paw or maybe lie down or speak on command as well.  We shall see.

For now, I’m enjoying a gorgeous 87º day here in Boston.  I am happily relishing in the peace and quiet provided me while these three dogs patrol the fenced-in yard; keeping me safe from cats and squirrels alike.  Training can wait until tomorrow.

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